The Beatles in earlier iin their career

The 1960’s, full of peace, love, and happiness; the decade of nonviolence and well, peace. John Lennon was indeed one of the most influential people of that time. Some called him absolutely crazy and a big lunatic while others called him inspirational and a straight genius. John Lennon was many things at this time, but what made him such a genius with his peace methods during in the 1960’s? He did everything through outrageous interviews, to striking methods, and by songs.

            Interviews, for famous people, started to become more famous through John Lennon, because of the best way to sell propaganda. But it wasn’t due to the types of interviews that you see nowadays, John’s were more extreme. With his soul mate by his side, who was basically his perfect match, they would encourage each other to ‘Just go for it!’ The most famous interview the couple had was when they but a sheet over their head and no one could see them. It wasn’t only that, they

Propaganda picture of John Lennon and Yoko's veiwsJohn Lennon & Yoko's Bed-In & Hair Growth strike for their honeymoon

were having a great time mocking the interviewers. He wouldn’t mind talking about the government on national TV, so when he talked about the government with interviewers, he would just amuse himself and his wife about how pointless it was to him.


John Lennon’s interviews might have been outrageous, but his striking methods were far more out there than anything. This is where he truly shined and where he could be himself, literally. He

invited any type of paparazzi that wanted to come for his, and of course his wife’s, Bed-In. John Lennon and Yoko actually spent their honeymoon doing the sit in. It seems romantic if you think about it; they both stood strongly for the same ideas and views, and this helped them promote

John Lennon vs President Nixon

nonviolent ways of protesting a

war. It was at that time when John Lennon began to grow out his hair and actually added that to the strike; Stay in bed and grow your hair. Most people said he grew his beard because he was said to be like Jesus, or the Beatles were said to be bigger than Jesus.

            The Beatles were actually the biggest and famous group at that time; whether you loved them or hated them, you knew them. Whenever they weren’t being interviewed or in protests, mostly John Lennon, they were out singing about what they believed. A lot of their music promoted peace and fighting the power with nonviolence. They were not afraid and putting out their views in their music; and even making their own little speeches at their concerts. Aside from their big back-to-back number

John Lennon singing the Beatles influential songs

one hits, they had many simple, straight forward songs about how they viewed the war and the American government. These lyrics would fire up young adults into a whole revolution against the government to where they would literally break out in riots at official government buildings.

            Yes John Lennon was a lunatic, but a genius lunatic. He started riots all around America, and even parts of the globe, to go against the government. Most said it was like John Lennon was president because he was more outspoken and influenced more Americans than Nixon did. John Lennon and Yoko showed that what seemed to be the most ridiculous ideas were more than likely the best ideas. They helped Americans show that they do have a voice and that if you don’t like something, and you really don’t agree with it, then as 

John Lennon was compared to Jesus

long as you can show what you view and why it’s right, then you can fight it against the world. Most say it didn’t just help people against segregation, but helped women have more of a voice. John Lennon and Yoko were a team, and they couldn’t have done all that they did without each other, they were strategic genius’s.


Shaking hands or arm wrestling? America vs Soviet Union. Cold War.

Peace is one of the most difficult topics to debate; whether non-violence is the way to go or not. That is the million dollar question; in hard situations should you go Gandhi or M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction). It’s so hard to pick a side because you have different perspectives and there are good reasons to support them both. The time period was a difficult with the Cold War going on. I’m on the fence on whether Gandhi or M.A.D is the best way to go in any situation.

Gandhi was a very influential person, he was very strong mentally and it was like no one or nothing could break him down. His philosophy of nonviolence was the most influential and insanely great

Gandhi as a child from India

way to fight back. Mohandas K. Gandhi showed just how powerful that by not fighting back is the best way to go, I mean, he helped India get out of British control. Gandhi’s way was so powerful, if you were to even put a gun up to his family or him, he wouldn’t bulge, you couldn’t break him. Some wonder about what Gandhi was thinking when he was going through this, if he was trying to stay cool-headed or if he was biting his tongue through all of this. No one can be positive, but in my perspective he was trying to keep himself cooled down and thinking of new ideas. He

Gandhi as a young man

studied law and different types of literature; he has faced a lot of different types of discrimination in his life but he has always just stood as the little guy not doing anything. Gandhi’s act does prove even by not fighting, you can win.

Mutually Assured Destruction is one of the most famous and used way since the beginning of man. To begin, what does M.A.D mean? Mutually Assured Destruction basically is a type of military strategy that is simply ‘I won’t attack you if you don’t attack me.’ The biggest way that this strategy was used was when the United States and Soviet Union were in the Cold War. Humans like to feel superior and dominant, and mostly clash with each other when in a disagreement. This strategy has proved to work, especially in countries that are at the same level with production, technology, education, etc. It helps with the invention rate because the countries are in an ‘armed race’ to be the most superior. It also helps the smaller or less superior countries become stronger and more on the map because they don’t want to be messed with. It brings new cultures, ideas, and even policies to a country. It may be risky, but it doesn’t sound bad; like when two football players are fighting over the same position, but are trying to

Drawing made to represent the cold war

be civil about it, not bad. It is the only way to take out psychotic people like Hitler who are so radical to where you can’t come into an agreement with,

            Even though both serve strong back up facts, don’t they both have a few flaws in them? For starters, Gandhi’s nonviolence act is pretty broad, but isn’t it a fighting strategy? Gandhi didn’t care as long as the country rose from domination of Britain. So isn’t what he argued and stood against a form of mental abuse or verbal abuse. Someone like Gandhi had to be confident, so his ways still hurt people; even if his family member was being tortured. He wouldn’t use a violent act to stop it, but wouldn’t that make him apart or the cause of the violence, and by not doing anything to stop it, you’re just as guilty as the murderer.  Now with the M.A.D way; you could basically classify that as a type of bullying. You are ‘fighting’ to be more superior than somebody or everybody, so how could

Gandhi at the time in his life where he started the most famous nonviolence movements

that be peaceful? M.A.D creates so much tension around the world and makes the little countries scared to be the weakest. M.A.D is also a very risky thing to do, not only are you having to put some trust into a country that is against and wants to beat you, it also endangers the citizens.

            Both strategies are strong ways to fight the power. Gandhi’s way would be classified as more of a humane and safe way; M.A.D way would be classified as the most general way that you can handle things with humans. This discussion would be one of the hardest to argue; something that I’d love to be on the side that not a lot of people are on. There are so many arguments and perspectives to which one is the better way to handle situations, that’s why I cannot decide the ‘better way.’

The Great Depression

May 26, 2011

Literal signs like this would be all over, saying we can't help you.

Before the late 1920’s people thought America was starting to evolve into something great and better than before. We had started inventing for and advancing more on all types of technologies, entertainment, education, etc. So if there was all this advances happening, why did the Great Depression happen? There are many factors that you can look up and find, but there are three big reasons, the main reasons why the United States was in this great disaster. It was due to unemployment, bank failures, and demand.

Some men had to live in public housing to keep a job or wait for an opportunity

            Unemployment was a huge crisis around 1920’s-30, around 25 percent of the workforce was unemployed. No one had money to buy products so many businesses had to close down. Businesses that did make it through had very few employers. Some jobs that were available were hard to get, you would have to wake up early, go down to wherever, and be chosen over dozens of other people who are in the same hopes as you to get a break for at least a day. Charities and other social programs were not supported by the government, so people had a hard time turning to extra work for money.

Rare schools would stay open, and most teachers where out of a job.

The biggest factor was the bank failures, around 9,000 banks failed in the United States around the 20s-30s. Most bank deposits were uninsured and when people stored their money, people would lose their entire savings. The banks that were surviving through all of that were scared and usually denied people who were looking for new loans and accounts.  Banks had a hard time with the credit system and that would usually mess up everyone’s account due to the mathematics and spending amounts.

            The demand in America at this time was booming; from the invention of cars to the invention of

Children were used to help families gain money, either by pity or labor work.

radios. People wanted the new fad and they would usually waste all of their money buying it. or the biggest thing was putting it on credit, which went along with the bank thing; either people would be denied of using credit, or accepted and if accepted, adding interest made the money add up in time. Overtime people became aware of this and stopped buying which slowed down production in the companies and made them have too much for them to hold or not enough money for the companies to hold. That caused a lot of unemployment in America from the companies.

            The great depression was a horrible time period to live in the United States; with all of the unsanitary

Most people sold everything in and out of their house for extra money. Even their house in general.

places, bums, and slums in the cities. People would fight to work, do anything to get a job, especially if they had a family, and sometimes employers would look to hire you if you had a family or not. All of the causes of the great depression, from unemployment to bank failures and to the demand in America all go together. If you read the reasons you’ll see how hand and hand these causes go, and if you write them, you will surely find it hard separating each reason. The time period was hard for Americans, but you will hear the elderly say, you should’ve seen the way we pulled together, even when  we fall,

Men would pack only what they need, leave their families to travel in search of jobs

America is still strong and will fight for its way back up again.

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Streets were crowded with people fighting for the same jobs

The Roaring 20’s

May 26, 2011

A cornet, Armstrong's main instrument

Louis Armstrong starting out as a young musician.

Louis Armstrong made the biggest impact on the 1920s era because he defined music. That was when music began, the start. It also started dancing and singing with feeling.

Before it was piano and musical instruments, people liked classical music. Then when jazz came out, most people were against it, some people had to hide that the clubs had jazz (like in Nazi Germany). Louis Armstrong was from a poor family and, like most jazz musicians, came from New Orleans. He played the cornet and didn’t own his own instrument until after he moved out after finishing school at 14 and saved enough money selling papers, unloading boats, and selling coal from a cart. After playing at any type of gig that would hire him, he got his big break when King Oliver left the city in 1919 to go to Chicago, he took his place in the band Kid Ory’s. Then in 1922 his mentor, Joe Oliver, asked him to join his Creole Jazz Band at Lincoln Gardens in Chicago.

All his work paid off, from coming from a poor family and struggling to make it big to making it bigger than big; he was just a regular, hard working person. He met and married Lillian Hardin, a piano player and arranger for the band. His music ended up in films,

Louis Armstrong and his latest wife.

records, his name was bigger and he was a huge hit, even knocking The Beatles off the charts. His two most famous songs were What a Wonderful World and Hello Dolly. Even through his health issues he continued playing until he died in his sleep July 6th 1971 at 70

Louis's studio pictures

years old. He was the start of true music and dancing.

Dances that originated in the jazz era were mainly tap dancing, the swing, and jive. Jazz is still going on today; we use it in competitive dancing, acrobatic, ballet, hip-hop, etc. It influenced a lot of dances with feeling and meaning and also music with feeling. The type of music jazz influenced were Motown in the 60’s, Disco in the 70’s, Electro-funk in the 80’s, rap in the 90’s, to techno in the 21st century. You could say it gave people more freedom and less fear to come out with any type of music they created and liked.

The type of music before jazz did have emotion inside of it, but jazz was played with feeling. You knew how the

During all Armstrongs big hits.

person felt when he/she played the music; it expressed so much by just musical cords. Louis Armstrong was a very famous and acknowledged musical artist. You either loved him or you didn’t, and once he made it big and topped the charts with the Beatles even behind him a few times people gave him more respect. If you don’t agree with Louis Armstrong or even jazz influencing the world with new musical creations then you need to look up some of his music and listen mindlessly to it.

A Jazz painting by Nancy PeacockLouis Armstrong playing the cornet

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