The Great Depression

May 26, 2011

Literal signs like this would be all over, saying we can't help you.

Before the late 1920’s people thought America was starting to evolve into something great and better than before. We had started inventing for and advancing more on all types of technologies, entertainment, education, etc. So if there was all this advances happening, why did the Great Depression happen? There are many factors that you can look up and find, but there are three big reasons, the main reasons why the United States was in this great disaster. It was due to unemployment, bank failures, and demand.

Some men had to live in public housing to keep a job or wait for an opportunity

            Unemployment was a huge crisis around 1920’s-30, around 25 percent of the workforce was unemployed. No one had money to buy products so many businesses had to close down. Businesses that did make it through had very few employers. Some jobs that were available were hard to get, you would have to wake up early, go down to wherever, and be chosen over dozens of other people who are in the same hopes as you to get a break for at least a day. Charities and other social programs were not supported by the government, so people had a hard time turning to extra work for money.

Rare schools would stay open, and most teachers where out of a job.

The biggest factor was the bank failures, around 9,000 banks failed in the United States around the 20s-30s. Most bank deposits were uninsured and when people stored their money, people would lose their entire savings. The banks that were surviving through all of that were scared and usually denied people who were looking for new loans and accounts.  Banks had a hard time with the credit system and that would usually mess up everyone’s account due to the mathematics and spending amounts.

            The demand in America at this time was booming; from the invention of cars to the invention of

Children were used to help families gain money, either by pity or labor work.

radios. People wanted the new fad and they would usually waste all of their money buying it. or the biggest thing was putting it on credit, which went along with the bank thing; either people would be denied of using credit, or accepted and if accepted, adding interest made the money add up in time. Overtime people became aware of this and stopped buying which slowed down production in the companies and made them have too much for them to hold or not enough money for the companies to hold. That caused a lot of unemployment in America from the companies.

            The great depression was a horrible time period to live in the United States; with all of the unsanitary

Most people sold everything in and out of their house for extra money. Even their house in general.

places, bums, and slums in the cities. People would fight to work, do anything to get a job, especially if they had a family, and sometimes employers would look to hire you if you had a family or not. All of the causes of the great depression, from unemployment to bank failures and to the demand in America all go together. If you read the reasons you’ll see how hand and hand these causes go, and if you write them, you will surely find it hard separating each reason. The time period was hard for Americans, but you will hear the elderly say, you should’ve seen the way we pulled together, even when  we fall,

Men would pack only what they need, leave their families to travel in search of jobs

America is still strong and will fight for its way back up again.

google images

Streets were crowded with people fighting for the same jobs


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