The Roaring 20’s

May 26, 2011

A cornet, Armstrong's main instrument

Louis Armstrong starting out as a young musician.

Louis Armstrong made the biggest impact on the 1920s era because he defined music. That was when music began, the start. It also started dancing and singing with feeling.

Before it was piano and musical instruments, people liked classical music. Then when jazz came out, most people were against it, some people had to hide that the clubs had jazz (like in Nazi Germany). Louis Armstrong was from a poor family and, like most jazz musicians, came from New Orleans. He played the cornet and didn’t own his own instrument until after he moved out after finishing school at 14 and saved enough money selling papers, unloading boats, and selling coal from a cart. After playing at any type of gig that would hire him, he got his big break when King Oliver left the city in 1919 to go to Chicago, he took his place in the band Kid Ory’s. Then in 1922 his mentor, Joe Oliver, asked him to join his Creole Jazz Band at Lincoln Gardens in Chicago.

All his work paid off, from coming from a poor family and struggling to make it big to making it bigger than big; he was just a regular, hard working person. He met and married Lillian Hardin, a piano player and arranger for the band. His music ended up in films,

Louis Armstrong and his latest wife.

records, his name was bigger and he was a huge hit, even knocking The Beatles off the charts. His two most famous songs were What a Wonderful World and Hello Dolly. Even through his health issues he continued playing until he died in his sleep July 6th 1971 at 70

Louis's studio pictures

years old. He was the start of true music and dancing.

Dances that originated in the jazz era were mainly tap dancing, the swing, and jive. Jazz is still going on today; we use it in competitive dancing, acrobatic, ballet, hip-hop, etc. It influenced a lot of dances with feeling and meaning and also music with feeling. The type of music jazz influenced were Motown in the 60’s, Disco in the 70’s, Electro-funk in the 80’s, rap in the 90’s, to techno in the 21st century. You could say it gave people more freedom and less fear to come out with any type of music they created and liked.

The type of music before jazz did have emotion inside of it, but jazz was played with feeling. You knew how the

During all Armstrongs big hits.

person felt when he/she played the music; it expressed so much by just musical cords. Louis Armstrong was a very famous and acknowledged musical artist. You either loved him or you didn’t, and once he made it big and topped the charts with the Beatles even behind him a few times people gave him more respect. If you don’t agree with Louis Armstrong or even jazz influencing the world with new musical creations then you need to look up some of his music and listen mindlessly to it.

A Jazz painting by Nancy PeacockLouis Armstrong playing the cornet


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